Cyan represents a mixture of green and blue. In the context of these three poems below, cyan is symbolic of planet earth. The Poet’s call is to save the earth. These three poems written as dizains with an ababbccdcd rhyme scheme are a call for climate action in the wake of climate change.


Climate change

Climate change is neither a joke nor myth

but a vast myriad of consequences 

human activity has plunged earth’s width 

into crisis. Collapsing defenses

expel famine, flood, fire evidences

tell tale signs of a depleting planet 

fast vanishing is the ozone blanket

as greenhouse gases engulf the sky’s blue

truly cascading down like a comet.

we will save earth together, me and you



we will save earth together, me and you

from the way of decline and extinction

as true stewards of sea and of soil do

this here is our absolute conviction

for this earth is our sole jurisdiction

till we find another place to plunder

it is the substance our feet stay under

listen all, and desecrate not forthwith

for earth is art, home, tome and is wonder

earth is mother, not a goblet for filth



Earth is mother

earth is mother, not a goblet for filth

earth, a founding member of our household

a tender partner we so exist with

she is both our cornerstone and threshold

to have and own verily in freehold

save the earth from this looming extinction

refrain from every mindless pollution

treat mother earth with much care and regard

let this resound far without restriction

we are here to always heal and to guard



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