Sunrise, Hope, Morning, Nature, Meditation, Summer

Colour of hope


I looked over my shoulder one day
over a vast vivacious field filled with people just like me
on a day that the sun was dangerously high
and recklessly unforgiving;

sucking all moisture dry from body and brain
draining strength away from marrow and bone
I looked over my shoulder to behold
a flag on a pole

it stood high and proud
flown in full mast in green and white
beaten and broken too by excruciating heat
wearied but refusing to be buried alive

it stood so high and so proud
flown in full mast in green and white
against sky-blue hue

The white seemed whiter with each permeating ray of the sun
the green grew greener as I stayed longer,
as I stared longer
perturbed like an indigo-imbroglio

It must be because of the yellow in the ultra-violet
or the mirage caused by overexposure to bright red heat
burning all moisture and sense off me

sheer craziness it must be, if I can
in this heat behold a rainbow out of green and white
again, I see the land that is green
for green is, life.

How is life buried?
As the drops of sweat fall across our faces
again and again
so also do these sun scorched tears expose every pain.

As I mustered the courage to continue again
on my way
the image imprinted on my mind till this day remains;
I see who we truly are

we are the green that will continue to grow aggressively,
for we are life.
We are the white that will continue to glow perpetually,
for we are light.

I see the green
I see the white
and the rainbow


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