Irredeemably incompatible

I once lived with a chronically incompatible couple
they were square-peg-and-round-hole disqualified
living under a sole roof
chronicling divergence

they were an exception –
the unlike poles that found a way to attract
from daily disagreement ending always in deadlock
to childish arguments over the mundane

I often looked at them with pitiful eyes saying to myself,
“this is what incompatibility must mean”
theirs knew no parallel.
Everyone thought that it would end soon

anyone who truly wished them well prayed it would end soon
some even sought to intervene in its end
then we waited
and waited some more

for these incompatible souls to realise the futility in their union
we waxed spiritual thereafter
speaking in the language of an unseen realm
Oh! That their eyes may be open to see the light

then we waited and waited some more
for these incompatible souls to recognize futility
in their union
Verily, we waited in vain.

For they made a choice
and a joint decision to stay
though the heavens may fall.
The heavens remain till this day

so do they and that which is theirs.
Some words are incredibly false
but incompatible –
to this one do I give the crown.

Many have tried and failed
because they chose to stop
trying together
chose to stop fighting together

chose to stop working one to another
chose ego
chose the voices of interlopers
both pseudo and true

chose vice, addiction
and self
for a union takes two to click
not one

two to tick
two to fight
two to build
block by block

two to try
two to keep on keeping on
again and again
in the harmony that love demands

though the heavens may fall
the heavens will not fall,
the heavens will remain


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