Plastic Cups, Garbage, Disposable Cups, Empty


belligerent origins of waste ablaze in bonfire
spewing eternal flames of flared gas from draconian chimney
rising to the heavens in soot and particles
provoking acidic rainfall, yes mother earth gives gigo with reckless abandon

plastic dumpling bubbles litter the seas in plethora
ocean cum dumpsite of non-biodegradable decommissioning
oil barrels disposed offshore drop after drop refusing to cease
aquatic life depleted by milestones and yardsticks

intense heat waves in their stride have come
voluminous floods fill the trenches breaking down floodgates
windbreaks now desertified
you receive what you give

the earth cries uncontrollably refusing to be comforted
the seas rage without fail displaying utmost displeasure
you receive what you give
garbage in, garbage out


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