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How long will the sane remain?


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It hunts sanity
like a crazed pride of desperately starved lions
on hunt for prey
launching verocious attack

on body, bone, biscuit bone and brain
at one fell swoop,
but this will to live is strong;
iron and stainless

On the lane of the sane
but for how long will the sane remain so and same?
It is as biting as a score of vengeful mosquitoes on an ill mannered host;
situate ever so close to green still water.

It burns, passionately,
like the unwelcome romance of the midday sun in the Sahara
leaving in its wake, desert without green or water
How long will the sane remain so and same?

When change is but old wives tales
by moonlight and we watch,
seemingly helplessly as this fragile foetus is forcefully flushed
away by a repugnant order which will not benefit

swiftly from new birth
The cycle is repeated
again and again –
conception and death

like an ever constant circumference
How long will the sane remain so and same?
when pedalled propaganda
matter most

even more so, than an actual rebirth of hope
and how long will the sane remain so and same?
when the sacred sea source of all
is defiled for the sake of offspring’s of sect

the forsaken are as countless
as drops in seas
A land of green and a fair flowing river
makes the sane remain so and same

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Yewande Akinse (Adebowale) is a Nigerian Lawyer, gifted storyteller, Poet and Author of two collections of poetry titled ‘A Tale of being, of green and of ing..’ (2019) and Voices: A collection of poems that tell stories’ (2016). With over 110 published poems to her credit and counting, Yewande is one poet who doggedly seeks to change the narrative one poem at a time. She won the World Bank YouthActonEDU spoken word prize and Project Knucklehead Prize for Creative Rebellion.



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