Not in my backyard,

leftover ruins shell by shell
impunious mounds pile by pile
deserted streets
as tribes decrease piece by piece

Izge weeps
first hit by camped scorn
Chibok mourns daughters
she may never again see

haram in Higi
as Margi are displaced within walls of own home
lodestone hatred rapidly spreading
like cattle of normadic descent

ubiquitous terror
fly incessant by night sky
across Biu, Shani and Hawul
Buratai is without walls!

orphaned amputees of land mines
of warlike cause
litter like lush lands
hurriedly emptied out

to nebulous cries
east-west coast
and creeks

armoured dread
fly by land by sky and by seas
moving mercilessly
across neighbouring cities

crescent capstone crisis
when salvation ensnares
and reason scoffs
the scoff of mockers

bleeding hope –
Kanuri cascades into roving ruins
fallen fortress
Kanakuru wastes away!

these little plagues spread
over and far across
thirty-six seas

flight-flifty arms folded seeking solace
when this ping-pong play
goes wry
one is all

uninhibited legitimate insurgent coalition
in armoured bandwagon
as brothers of peace
fund unity in pieces

Spilled blood of Jere
decry injustice from earth
Babur is without child
to bury him as extinction beckons


One is all
erstwhile flight-flifty arm folding
soon seeking asylum
when plagues spread uncontrollably across thirty-six seas

Home of peace


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