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Time Capture

Voices from the abyss


The Matriachal Order

Of things that will never fade

OF THINGS THAT WILL NEVER FADE Yewande Adebowale · Of Things That Will Never Fade   There is a thing that will never fade a caring heart that...


Makanjuola Darkness too thick to be called darkness Emptiness, void Nothing seems to make sense Yet from the darkness, hope speaks Makanjuola How do I explain to hope? That I have...


Numb-nimby Not in my backyard, yet. leftover ruins shell by shell impunious mounds pile by pile deserted streets as tribes decrease piece by piece Izge weeps first hit by camped scorn Chibok mourns...

A Place Where Dreams Lead

A PLACE WHERE DREAMS LEAD Take me to a place where dreams lead To the Olumirin waterfall* Let me drown all my sorrows Communing with Osun the river...

The Matriachal Order

The Matriachal Order Bound by hands and feet as a patient in an asylum Mother leads the troop of the matriarchal order into our humble abode Blades rusted in...

Voices from the abyss

Voices from the abyss I wake up in the morning sounding like a cosmic colossal catastrophe About to unfold I wake up every morning with a different...


a concrete worthy future is oft built with constant progressive steps in blithe grace grit collected over time, with firm silt layers of rejection, pain, iron brace each...

Of time, of age and other fleeting things

Of time, of age and other fleeting things Do you never tire of the slow motion of a constant stroke or of the tick-tock of Olympian detachment? On...

Irredeemably incompatible

Irredeemably incompatible I once lived with a chronically incompatible couple they were square-peg-and-round-hole disqualified living under a sole roof chronicling divergence they were an exception - the unlike poles that...

Colour of hope

Colour of hope   I looked over my shoulder one day over a vast vivacious field filled with people just like me on a day that the sun...
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