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The Matriachal Order

This too shall pass

Voices from the abyss

Voices from the abyss

Voices from the abyss I wake up in the morning sounding like a cosmic colossal catastrophe About to unfold I wake up every morning with a different...

Irredeemably incompatible

Irredeemably incompatible I once lived with a chronically incompatible couple they were square-peg-and-round-hole disqualified living under a sole roof chronicling divergence they were an exception - the unlike poles that...

Dance with me

DANCE WITH ME Will you dance with me? Barefoot to a wordless song Will you dance with me? Barefoot heartbeat to heartbeat Come, let us to use put the strength of youth...


GIGO belligerent origins of waste ablaze in bonfire spewing eternal flames of flared gas from draconian chimney rising to the heavens in soot and particles provoking acidic rainfall,...


Makanjuola Darkness too thick to be called darkness Emptiness, void Nothing seems to make sense Yet from the darkness, hope speaks Makanjuola How do I explain to hope? That I have...

This too shall pass

This too shall pass It spreads like wildfire refusing containment roving round cities, countries and continents the globe is on lockdown and recession is imminent many have lost...

In Days Now Here

IN DAYS NOW HERE As the sun goes slowly blind As day gives way to night Does the earth bring forth works of the nocturnal kind To light As...


COLOUR blood is red while earth is of green and blue, blood flows within black, white, or yellow derm earth is brown too. seed, soil, man, sea,...

Colour of hope

Colour of hope   I looked over my shoulder one day over a vast vivacious field filled with people just like me on a day that the sun...

Time Capture

TIME CAPTURE   wombal canal heaves continuity  within its chambers as a child is born  ushering into immortality  joy is here, ripened by the morning sun  navel to push, cervix to labour orn  gestational...
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